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Palm Sunday April 5: Drive Thru at St. Coleman's from 9:00am - 11:30am to Get Your Palms!!!

Ladies, please see message below from St Coleman Office Manager Marty Navarro:

Dear Ladies,

I hope that you are all safe and well. After much discussion, Fr. Michael and the office staff have decided to hand out blessed palms on Palm Sunday (April 5).

We are working with the BSO to make sure we do it with the least amount of risk to our parishioners and to us. We will make sure everyone stays in their cars and drive through the parking lot, where we will be standing and handing the palms to you. We will be outfitted with gloves and masks. This is certainly a very different way from the way we handed them out last year, but we wanted to connect in some way with our parishioners. We truly feel this will be a beacon of hope to all of you that we will get through this together!

The palms will be distributed from 9:00am til 11:30 am

Please know that you are all in our prayers and we look forward to the day that we are back in our church worshiping and praying together.


Marty Navarro

Office Manager


Gail Pulsford


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