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St Colemans is Having Sunday AND Daily Mass Online starting Today !!! Woo Hoo!!!

Hello Ladies!!!

I have the best news for you!!! We have a Saint Coleman first!!!!!! Father Michael and all his trusty helpers are breaking into previously uncharted territories and are doing masses online ... just for you, so you can remain close to our Lord during these strange times!!!!!

Here is a notice that was posted yesterday on Father's Facebook page:

You can view the videos of the masses on the following websites:

St. Coleman Catholic Church Website:


Father Michael's Facebook Page:


Father Michael's Youtube Channel:


To get you started, I am posting our very first Saint Coleman Mass Online video here, so you can enjoy it right now without delay:

Special shout out to the SCWC ladies, -- some of you may have already noticed from the video still image -- Father is wearing the special rose colored vestment we gifted him for Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent). The word Laetare comes from the Latin laetare, the singular imperative of laetari, which means "to rejoice". It is truly an amazing thought that this particular vestment which we gave him and which he is wearing for the very first online mass of St. Colemans during this difficult time - is rose colored (our color) and serves as a reminder of our hope in Jesus!!! Yay!!!

We will not be posting all the masses on the SCWC website since they will be available on the websites above. We just want to be sure you know about this amazing treat that our priests are offering us to ensure our continued mass participation. I would like to suggest that if you can, please start your day watching the daily masses, so you can begin your day on top of the world with God at the helm of your life!!!

This is so exciting!!!!

What a gift this is - take advantage of it because it is truly a blessing for all of us!!!! God is Great and so are our priests and rectory crew! Please be sure to tell everyone you know about these videos, and let the priests and staff know how much you appreciate their hard work to make this happen. May we all offer a prayer of gratitude to God for this blessing and pray for them as they continue working together to help keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!!


Cris Reeder

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