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Fun Fashion Show at Next General Meeting on Feb 20 (will be in Parish Hall this time)

Hello Ladies,

SCWC's February meeting will be Wed Feb 20 in the Parish Hall (NOT Holy Family Hall) @ 7 p.m. There will be a Fun Fashion Show featuring ladies from our own SCWC. If you want to volunteer to model, hooray for you! If you prefer to watch & cheer from the audience, hooray for you too!

Do you plan to model? Here's your checklist:

1. Find a FUNtastic outfit in your closet.

2. Fill out Betty O'Connell's questionnaire below & return it to her ASAP. Betty will introduce you & call out the info from your questionnaire.

3. Sashay and twirl across the stage to enthusiastic cheering from folks in the audience!



Where were you born?

A fun fact about you that may surprise us

Your current or previous occupation

Hobbies or interests

Do you have children or grandchildren you want to mention?

Member of other organizations

Brief description of what you plan to wear

What accessories you will be wearing

Where did you buy the outfit?

What made you decide to buy it?

For what event did you buy it?

Pls respond whichever way is most convenient for you: 1. print & fax your answers to Betty at 954-566-6406; OR 2. answer the questions in this email and hit "reply". It will go to me (Gail Pulsford) & I will forward to Betty; OR 3. you can email questionnaire answers directly to Betty at bettyoc1818@aol.com

NOTE: Only volunteers who want to model need to return this questionnaire. The rest of you can sit back and enjoy the show!


Gail Pulsford


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