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Kudos to all the Ladies Who Attended the Virtus Training Session Last Wed!

What a great turnout last Wednesday for our Virtus Training Session for all SCWC members!!! Altogether there were about 25 ladies eager to learn and become Virtus certified so they can participate in the activities of the Council that involve interactions with children. With the expert guidance of Johanna, we viewed two very compelling and informative videos that really made an impact on the group:

The first video, A time to Protect God’s Children, opened our eyes to the realities of abuse – there are a lot more people out there who have been victimized than we realized. We discovered how abuse affects the victims, and learned why some children don’t tell anyone about being abused. We learned about perpetrators and discussed safety concerns relating to internet and electronic devices. Then we discussed fasts and myths about abusers, which were very illuminating.

In the second video, A Plan to Protect God’s Children, we discussed Steps to identifying warning signs, control abuser access to schools and communities, monitoring programs and activities, being alert to behaviors that are concerning, and communicating concerns to deal with potential abuse issues.

This course was a true eye opener and everyone in the room was glad they attended because this knowledge could save a person from some serious lifelong pain and suffering. We highly recommend if you did not take this course, that you consider taking it as soon as you can, not just so you can enjoy volunteering for SCWC events, but so you can spot abuse that may be impacting your children, grandchildren and others. To learn more about virtus, go to www.virtus.org

Thanks again to all the participants, and just a reminder to please make sure you get fingerprinted!!! Just send an email to Marty at bulletininfo1200@gmail.com to get instructions about where and how to do it!!!

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