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What a Great Start to an Awesome New Year!!!!!

My Amazing SCWC Ladies,

What an amazing night last night!!!! With one of the highest turnouts ever, it was an absolutely wonderful meeting and such a joy to see so many new faces and old friends. The vibe in the room was happy and upbeat for sure! We began the meeting with a round the table introduction to learn more about each other. It was pretty cool to realize how many of our ladies were total newbies to the parish and to the SCWC, and to learn that many of our ladies have been involved with the SCWC since its beginning in 2009, were students at the school or have been parishioners at St. Colemans for many many years. We have such a wealth of knowledge and experience available to us with our membership, I know this group is going to be the best ever! After listening to everyone talk about what we do, I just had to sit back and marvel....WOW we do ALOT!!! There is alot of heart and soul in this group and I just love it!!! What a great organization! The ministry ladies did a great job letting us know what we are all about. The Board members once again did a wonderful job bringing it all together. And of course Mary brought delicious food and beverages to fuel our enthusiasm.

I am so looking forward to the Mad Hatter, Escape Room, next General meeting....... with so many amazing ladies and such an exciting year ahead of us, its no wonder I can't wait to charge forward into our socials and upcoming meetings and events!

Before I let you go, please read these IMPORTANT NOTICES:

MAD HATTER: RSVP to me (Kathy) at 954-591-3051 by September 21 (tomorrow) if you are planning to attend the Mad Hatter on Sept. 30th - that's going to be a really fun night! ESCAPE ROOM: RSVP to Betty at 954-931-7951 by October 10 to reserve your space in the escape rooms on October 14th. Remember we changed it to be open to ladies, their spouses and friends, so please bring them and have some fun!

Well ladies, we started the year off in grand style! Thank you so much to all the ladies who attended the meeting last night, and all the Board and members who helped with the planning, setup, breakdown and everything in between......you girls rock!!! For those of you who did not make it, no worries, we have plenty of things for you to do! Just jump on in and we'll be thrilled to have you! Welcome to the 2018-2019 SCWC!

See you soon!!!


Kathy Diebold


2018-2019 SCWC

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