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Dr. Mary Carter-Waren's Presentation During the 4/18 General Meeting Was Amazing!! See Notes Bel

Hello Ladies!!!

For all those who attended the last General meeting with Dr. Mary Carter-Waren, you know it was a truly fantastic presentation! So many ladies were saying, gee, I wish I had taken notes or something, because that was so good.... well, no worries because I have it all written down for you!!!

Please click on the link below for a transcript of her presentation. Please note, this isn't a word for word transcript, but it is as good as I can get it for you based on an audio recording I did during the meeting:


Dr. Mary Carter-Waren Presentation

April 18, 2018

Also, you may recall during the meeting we got to see the beautiful prayer quilt made by our very talented quilter extraordinaire, Angela Adkins, for the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. It was stunningly beautiful with angels all over it... many ladies were visibly moved when viewing it. Here are some photos of the quilt:

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