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This Month's General Meeting was FLOWERIFFIC!

What a fantastic meeting!! Before telling you about the meeting, we want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to all the ladies who brought food for the meeting!!! We had a great variety of tasty nibbles including popcorn chicken, artichoke dip, veggies, home baked cookies, a mexican chicken casserole, fruit, etc. You girls are awesome!!!

As always, our lovely Co-President, Vici, opened the meeting up with a prayer and then business matters were discussed. Which, by the way, if you are a member and want to help bring our SCWC into the next year as a member of the 2018-2019 Board, please be sure to let us know!! Francie wrapped up the business part of the meeting by telling us all about the fabulous socials she has planned for us, which sound like a blast! Go Francie!!! Isn't she just the best? After Francie was done, we dove into the tasty food and enjoyed a very interesting and informative presentation on flowers and flower arranging by Joan Steele of Petal Pushers!

What a great presentation - THANK YOU Joan!!!

Joan brought a huge and absolutely exquisite floral arrangement with red roses, eucalyptus and fluffy greens, along with a small arrangement in a beautiful purple vase. During the presentation, Joan created a third amazing arrangement with hydrangeas and educated us about how to create a stunning arrangement.

Her lesson included basic information of how to pick good flowers, how to care for them, cut them, etc.

Some Tips:

  1. Make sure the buds are not floppy or soft when buying. You want them firm.

  2. Cut the stems on an angle, so the flower can have maximum water suckage!!! If the roses appear to be droopy after a couple days, they simply may need a cut to refresh them, because they can get clogged up in the stem (just like our Christmas trees).

  3. Add the packet of food for flowers to keep them nice and help them to last longer. Adding some 7 Up works great, too. If your flowers seem a little droopy, change the water, give them a trim and add an aspirin.

  4. Change the water every 2-3 days to keep plants fresh.

  5. Make sure to cut off all the extra leaves and greenery that will be going below the water line, to reduce bacteria growth.

  6. Cut off all the thorns, unless you want to stab yourself.

  7. Feel free to rearrange your arrangement as needed so it looks great all the time!

  8. Add cut greens from around your house to fill in the bouquet and jazz it up even more.

  9. Get your flowers from a wholesaler if possible. A couple good places to get beautiful flowers is Whole Foods or at the Swap Shop.

  10. Keep flowers in a cool, dark spot. They will last longer when not in direct sunlight.

We even found out what the color of a rose means. Here's a quick image to help you remember:

And as if all this wasn't enough, Joan raffled off all three of the arrangements at the end of the meeting!!! Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

And again, THANK YOU Joan Steele for this amazing presentation!!!!!! You rock the blooms!!!!

If you would like to contact Joan about the presentation or to order flowers, here is her business card:

So all in all this meeting was a great success on many levels. Big thanks to everyone who attended, helped out, presented, and organized this meeting, including the Board, for all their hard work and planning to make this happen just for YOU!

Be sure to check out our website to see everything we are doing at www.stcwc.org. Also, you might want to please pencil the following dates on your calendar, so you can be sure to attend all the fun events we have planned for you and all the members and guests of the SCWC:

SCWC General Meetings:

2/21/18 Podiatrist Presentation

3/21/18 Dancing Lessons

4/18/18 Dr. Mary Carter Warren Presentation

5/16/18 Pot Luck Dinner

SCWC Socials*

Jazz Brunch on the FTL Riverfront - Sunday, February 4 10a-2p

Bowling - Diamond Strike Lanes Pompano - Sunday, February 25 4-6p

Painting and Wine - Holy Family Hall - Wednesday March 28 7-9p

Gambling & Lunch - Isle Casino Pompano - Saturday, April 14 11:30-2:30p

Foot Reflexology/Lunch - Delray - Date TBD

Click HERE for details on these social events.

See you soon!!!!!



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