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The Baby Bottle Campaign for Respect Life Starts This Weekend!


Respect Life Baby Bottle Campaign

Dec. 9 - Dec 17

Changing a life is easy! Just follow these easy steps

to support our Respect Life ministry:

1. Please pick up a baby bottle from the back of the church

either before or after any mass on December 9th - 10th.

2. Fill your bottle with coins, bills or checks (make checks payable to Respect Life).

3. Return filled bottles in the back of the church on December 16 or 17

either before or after mass. If you forget to get a bottle, no worries!

You can still bring your coins, bills or checks to us on the 16th or 17th.

Just put them in a ziploc and hand it to one of our beautiful

Respect Life volunteers at the church entrance.

4. It's that simple!!!!!!

We thank you in advance for supporting our mission to

protect and preserve life by participating in this event!


SCWC Volunteers are always needed to help with this event. If you would like to help our Respect Life ministry with this very worthwhile campaign, please contact Angie Bizarro (954) 914-3871 or email scwcinfo@yahoo.com.

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