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Want to Make a Real Difference in the World? Become a Prayer Warrior!

What are Prayer Warriors?

Prayer Warriors respond to prayer requests and pray fervently for the needs of our parishioners. They have a heart for God, a heart for prayer, a heart for people, and a heart for Christ's church. We are ordinary people who live ordinary lives. We are at different stages of faith development and we are far from perfect, but we have some things in common:

  • [if !supportLists][endif]WE ARE SPIRITUAL FIRST RESPONDERS. When we receive prayer requests, we stop whatever we are doing and pray for those on the list - even if only for a few minutes in the silence of our hearts as we read the request - asking God to bless, protect, heal. By sending our love filled prayers and spiritual support to those on the prayer list as soon as we receive it, we invoke the power of God to come to their aid immediately, so they receive help faster even than feet on the ground wherever they are.

  • [if !supportLists]WE ARE INTERVENERS. We realize that prayers, especially when said in unison with others for the same purpose, are very powerful to overcome illness and evil.

  • [if !supportLists]WE LOVINGLY PRAY FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS PRAYERS. We offer all the love in our hearts on the wings of our prayers to all in need, entrusting them to God with faith that He will answer each prayer according to His perfect will and in His perfect timing

  • [if !supportLists][endif]WE ARE THANKFUL. We rejoice in all things and have a spirit of thankfulness for what God is doing in our lives and the lives of others.

  • [if !supportLists][endif]WE GROW IN FAITH. We grow our relationship with God and open ourselves up to receiving His grace and blessings each day as we converse with Him.

  • [if !supportLists]WE PRAY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYHOW. We pray in many different ways, in different places, at all times of the day, alone, with friends and with our families. We know that God is ALWAYS listening, 24/7, 365 days a year, that He wants us to be happy and that He loves us more than we can possibly imagine.

  • [if !supportLists][endif]WE LOVE OTHERS. We strive to make a difference in this world and to love others as Jesus loves us - one prayer at a time!

How do I Become a Prayer Warrior?

To become a Prayer Warrior, subscribe to the Prayer Warriors Mailing List using the link below. Prayer requests are sent out to all those on the Prayer Warrior list as the requests are received. When you receive a request email, all you have to do is read the requests and let your compassionate heart respond with a love filled prayer, asking God to help those on our list and to help you to receive His holy grace to know Him better as you pray. That’s it!. Every time you call upon God through prayer, He becomes stronger in our world and closer to our hearts. If you keep up with it, before you know it, you might find that you are not only praying for those on our lists, but that you are also praying more on your own, for different reasons and at different times of the day!

Benefits of Being a Prayer Warrior

Prayer engages us in an intimate relationship with God and will become transformative in your life! Every time you pray, whether you make up your own special heartfelt prayer, say a prayer known to you, say a rosary or chaplet or just have a simple dialogue with God, you are making a deposit into your spiritual bank account. The more you pray and converse with our Lord, the richer you will become in faith and grace!!

To Become a Prayer Warrior:

Visit our website at:


To make a Prayer Request:

Go to our website at:

www.stcwc.org and click on “Prayer Requests

- or -

send your request directly to us at:


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