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Please join us at our 1st SCWC Meeting on Wednesday, October 18th!

We warmly welcome you to attend our first SCWC General Meeting for the 2017-2018 year:

WHEN: Wednesday, October 18th

TIME: 7:00 - 9:00pm

WHERE: The Holy Family Hall

(on south side of Church where Fit & Fight used to be...look for balloons!)

We have lots of plans and ideas for this year and are kicking it off with a special guest speaker,

Officer Scott Longo, who will be coming to talk to us about:

Keeping our Children Safe on Halloween

It is going to be an amazing year filled with food, fun, faith and friendship!

See you next Wednesday, October 18th at our new location!!

Oh, and just FYI, here are some SCWC Quick Facts:

  • We are NOT an "old ladies" club. (Lets get that one off the table ASAP)

  • We are a dynamic group of women of all ages and interests, backgrounds and nationalities!

  • We are active, movers and shakers putting our talents to good use to help others (and having a great time while doing it)!

  • We stand together when things are tough, help each other when we need help, and laugh together even when there’s no reason to. We simply have a good time together.

  • We welcome new ideas for fun, fellowship and spiritual development and make ongoing improvements because we want the SCWC to be the greatest women's club ever!

  • Our goals are simple: to help you make new friends, grow in faith and to help others in our parish and community and of course, have a great time while doing it! (I know, I said this already, but it's just so true, we really do have a great time together!!)

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