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Two Very Good Causes....Dinner for May Family, and Blessed Beginnings

I was just notified that the Saint Coleman Men's Club is having a dinner tomorrow evening (FRIDAY 5/12) and all proceeds go to the John May family. For those that do not know.... John lost his wife in a tragic car accident a short while ago. Their daughter was severely injured but is on the physical road to recovery. The emotional and mental toll it has taken on this loving family is immeasurable. John is a coach at Cardinal Gibbons. Both children have been students at Saint Coleman's School and church.I ask that you open not only your hearts and prayers to this amazing family but your wallet.

The dinner is $25.00 per person with a 100 % fundraiser. If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation please bring it to our Meeting this Wednesday. There will be a donation box available for your generosity.

I do not like piggy backing this email with another fundraiser but I was in the process of writing this when I was notified of the May Family:

Holy Cross is doing a Domino's Fundraiser for their "Blessed Beginnings" nursery and delivery unit. You spend $10.00 and get a card that entitles you to buy one pizza and get one free (or buy 5 get 5 buy 10 get 10) from now until December 31, 2017. It is really quite a deal and 100% proceeds go to this cause. It is unlimited amount and no restriction on where you order. If interested we will be collecting $10.00 at the meeting.

I apologize about asking for money but they are both for good causes. As President I encourage you to attend our final meeting next Wednesday, May 17th at 7pm. Please enjoy the Pot Luck supper and the Steinmart Fashion Show. It will be an evening of fun, food and looking back over this year with much love and appreciation to all!



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