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The Wine Share was awesome! Thank you Cindy for a lovely evening!!

The Wine Share was awesome !!! From the moment you opened the door, you knew this was going to be a really fun evening!!! Everyone brought the most amazing munchies - the "pickings" included delectable meatballs, a healthy corn salsa, amazing spiral bites made of pure bliss, cranberry tarts, maple bacon "crack," pizza, yummy salads, cheese and sausage rounds, fruit, veggies, chips, chocolate and all other sorts of goodness! Of course there were all kinds of amazing wines that were shared, which even included a chocolate wine! As if that was fantastic enough, what really made the evening the absolute best were all of the attendees... husbands, wives, friends, everyone was having fun, laughing and carrying on. It was a truly successful event and everyone had a really great time! (Even Cindy's cute little dogs wanted in on the fun!) As a matter of fact, we were all having so much fun that we actually forgot to take photos!!! That's a good party!!

Thank you so much Cindy and Ed for opening your lovely home to us so we could enjoy this event and to all who attended and made it extra special with your tasty appetizers and wine!

Viva el Vino!

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