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Important Notice if you are planning to attend Isles Casino Social on 2/11!!!

As some of you may be aware, Father O'Toole's Memorial mass is the same day and time as our Social at the Isles Casino in Pompano (Feb 11, 11:00am). I don't know exactly who is planning to come to the Isles, and I don't know who is planning to attend the mass. I will certainly change the time if it causes a conflict BUT I also do not want to exclude someone because of a time change.

I am thinking if we have brunch right after the service (and gamble afterwards), based on what the Rectory said about how long the service should be, it looks like everyone would be able to make the buffet if we changed it to 12:30. Therefore, I am asking for you to please let me know if you are planning to come to the Isles and please give me your vote on changing the time to 12:30.

Please email your response ASAP to: bettyoc1818@aol.com

Also, if you know someone who is going to the Isles but does not have an email, please contact them for their" vote" on this possible time change and let me know their vote as well. Thanks so much!!!

Thank you and see you soon!


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