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SCWC Happenings - Pencil them in and Don't miss out!!!

Dear SCWC Ladies,

Just a reminder of upcoming SCWC events/meetings and to let you know there is still time to sign up for our amazing socials, but you want to hurry, so you don't miss out!!! Also, for those activities that you do attend, please send us your photos!!!!!

Next General Meeting: November 16th @7PM:

Dr. Christina Austin-Valere, will be the key note speaker at our November meeting. She is a clinical Social worker at Holy Cross in the Cancer Center. Importantly, the topic discussed by her will be the roll of Care Giver. This subject is of utmost importance to those of us who take care of young and old for short or long term. It will include the physical, emotional and psychological toll it takes upon the care giver. We need to educate ourselves because someday it could be you giving or receiving the care. This information will allow us to learn what resources are available to us in our community. Remember the meeting is Wednesday, November 16th, at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.


December 4th, First Baptist Church Christmas Pageant @ 2PM.

This pageant is absolutely amazing and you will be thrilled to enjoy the wonderful celebration of the Christmas season with lively song and dance, followed by and incredible reenactment of the Nativity and the life of Christ with live animals . If you have never seen this pageant, now is the time to go! If you have, join our group to enjoy it again, to get you into the festive mood!!! Cost $29.

Contact Angela Adkins at 954-817-5281 or email aadkins1419@comcast.net or Sandy Barry, at 954-803-4676 or email hrpro11@comcast.net


November 13, Out of the Darkness Walk with the "Cucchinators" @8:30AM

Join us as we support one of our members, LIsa Cucchi, in her mission to promote awareness of this very serious issue and to get word out that help that is available for anyone suffering from PTSD and/or who may be contemplating suicide. Please visit our website page about this event to learn more and to access links to sign up or donate: http://www.stcwc.org/single-post/2016/08/24/Please-join-us-as-we-support-one-of-our-members-in-the-Out-of-the-Darkness-Walk-Sunday-November-13-2016

Also, a quick FYI in case you are concerned about walking 3 miles -this is not a race and you can take as long as you want to do it. You can ride a scooter, use a walker, get pushed in a cart, crawl, walk bench to bench, have someone carry you... ha ha... it's not about competition or any of that. As a matter of fact, if you don't want to walk , that's perfectly fine!! You can be a "virtual walker" and support the Cucchinators that way! However you choose is up to you, but we do encourage you to be involved somehow because your support very literally could help to save a life!!!!

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