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CD/DVD Library Suggested Listening for October 2016

Love to learn and drive alot? Planning a road trip? Selections from our Catholic CD library are a perfect way to enjoy your favorite authors while making the drive. Transform your commute time into faith development time with this months selections from the Library's popular CD collection:

CD #: 37


Explore the most important similarities and differences between

Christianity and Islam through Dr. Hahn's candor, balance and charity

CD #: 67

The Shot Heard 'Round the World

Celebrate the October 22 Feast of St. John Paul II by delving into the inside

story of the assassination attempt on the Pope and learn of his tremendous

Marian devotion and Our Lady's intercession in this event.

CD #: 70

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before

Dr. Sri shares St. John Paul II's practical strategies for praying the rosary

so you can encounter Jesus more deeply in this powerful prayer.


How can you borrow one of these CD's? Just text or call our CD Chairperson with the CD #/Title and your name, and she will get in touch with you to make arrangements for delivery of the disks:

CD Chairperson: Andrea

Telephone: 954-918-5523

It's that simple!!!!

We have close to 100 CD's available for rental at any time and

offer this amazing service to paid SCWC members FREE of charge!

In order to help you get started, we will be suggesting various titles f

or you each month that are related to current affairs, etc.

To see a gallery of our entire CD/DVD collection,

please visit our Visual CD/DVD Library webpage:


For details on how this program works, click HERE

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