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Saint Coleman Moms!! SCWC Invites you to our first meeting on September 21st!

We warmly welcome you to attend our first SCWC General Meeting for the 2016-2017 year!!! We have a wonderful presentation planned just for you that we know will be very interesting (see flyer below).


  • We are NOT an "old ladies" club. (Lets get that one off the table ASAP)

  • We are a dynamic group of women of all ages and interests, backgrounds and nationalities!

  • We are active, movers and shakers putting our talents to good use to help others (and having a great time while doing it)!

  • We stand together when things are tough, help each other when we need help, and laugh together even when there’s no reason to. We simply have a good time together.

  • We welcome new ideas for fun, fellowship and spiritual development and make ongoing improvements because we want the SCWC to be the greatest women's club ever!

  • Our goals are simple: to help you make new friends, grow in faith and to help others in our parish and community and of course, having a great time while doing it! (I know, I said this already, but it's just so true, we really do have a great time together!!)

We look forward to meeting you and invite you to learn more about the SCWC!

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