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Brainstorming for Next Year - Your Input is Heard!

We want this next year to be the best ever, so Betty, our new President, sent out an email to the entire membership requesting ideas, input and suggestions to gain input about what we need to do to make things better. As part of this feedback request, Betty held two (2) brainstorming meetings at her house, open to any SCWC members (old and new) who wanted to attend. The first meeting was held on Thursday June 16, 2016 and the second meeting was held Tuesday June 21, 2016. The meetings were awesome!!!

Here are the results from each meeting and a summary of some changes we are making for next year:

UPDATE AFTER 1st MEETING on JUNE 16, 2016 (letter from Betty):

Dear SCWC Ladies,

I thank you for all the ideas already and am looking forward to more of your input. Do yourself a favor and print this!!!! Then you can take your time to read and respond. WE all want SCWC to continue to be a club based on faith, fun and friendship... Father requests we add Mercy.

We had a very productive meeting about SCWC on Thursday and those that could not attend responded. THANK YOU ALL! A lot of information, ideas and concerns therefore Here is a brief outline for you to read. Please feel free to comment on anything. There will be another Brainstorming meeting this Tuesday at 7:00 my house.

General Ideas

  1. Change the day because of Novena and just getting back from weekend activities.

  2. Change the name NOT initials!!! to Saint Coleman's Women's Club. It sounds more welcoming

  3. Have a prayer box for intentions and have Priest or someone say a prayer then we hold hands and say Hail Mary.

  4. Post actual information in the bulletin about monthly topics and socials

  5. Set membership dues $$$$ and charge $5-$8 to be a guest at our monthly meeting if you choose not to join.

  6. Recognize new members at each meeting

  7. Celebrate Monthly Birthdays Father Henryk 3/19 Father Jerry 7/8 Father Mark 9/18

  8. Any ideas on ways to make Parish Hall more welcoming....another possible Venue?

  9. More interaction at the meetings

  10. Keep minutes and updates on the computer or flyers not so much business at the meetings

  11. Membership directory and sell business size cards ads

Program ideas

  1. Sheriff speak on Children's' safety on the street and on the internet. invite school mothers too

  2. Holy Cross speaker on Caretakers...physical, emotional and health toll it takes on them and how to help

  3. Publix at Thanksgiving

  4. game night

These would be members discussions

  1. cooking

  2. things to do in Fort Lauderdale

  3. Share your Pinterest

  4. Faith related. i.e. when do you have time to pray or meditate

  5. Holy Cross speaker on the new CPR technique

UPDATE AFTER 2ND MEETING on JUNE 16, 2016 (letter from Betty):

This is an update to the last meeting we had for SCWC. There were 16 amazing brainstormers and I thank you for your time and input. There were also a lot of emails from those who could not make it.

So here goes... please take your time to read.

General Ideas

1) I am waiting for confirmation but we have chosen Wednesday for the meetings. You can remember it by Women on Wednesday.

2) Name will change to Saint Coleman's Womens Club...... much more inviting.

3) Prayer box well received and we already have one in our closet!

4) Our newsletters have to be placed in back of church approx. 100 copies

5) Membership dues will be strictly enforced. You may be a guest at ONE meeting and there after you must pay $5 per monthly meeting or pay your membership.

6) Reminder Father Jerry's birthday is July 8th and SCWC will recognize it .

7) Recognize members birthdays in the newsletter..... not AGE!

8) Meetings will be as you enter the Hall not up by the stage.

9) Suggestion to improve our Church Bulletin. I will approach Father Henryk if he agrees we will need people interested in helping.

Social Ideas

1) Elvis or 70's dance for the parishioners by SCWC and SCMC.

2) Candle making.... our own Terry Barnum knows how!!!!! Via being a boy scout leader!!!!!

3) Magic Show

4) Bowling

5) Go see the BSO Christmas spectacular program for the homeless and less fortunate...it is where we donated all our Church decorations. I would love to do this and go to dinner or lunch also.

6) Michael's will teach us how to decorate cupcakes or Publix will show us.

7) Craft and Chat.... someone's home very casual

8) Have different things going on at each table after our speaker... i.e. what do you do on Pintrest..... what do you do for entertainment in Broward County.....ideas to resolve boredom in the..... sorry girls the KITCHEN although thank you for reading all of this! How you meditate.....

9) I am very excited to announce Sandy Barry, Angela Adkins and Maria Glazer have stepped up to do the Social Organization. We all agree we should offer something for everyone.... so instead of one big social event it could be: Tuesday bowling......... games next week..... next week crafting. You decide what you want to do and meet other people in an informal situation.



Now that we have so many ideas the Board will begin planning a year that we hope you will enjoy!!! We ask that invite your friends or family to the meetings. We need old blood and new blood.

Thank you for reading this and please feel free to email Betty any input or additional ideas you may have!!!

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