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What a Wonderful Open House!

Upon entering the parish hall, it was clear we were walking into a very warm, friendly gathering! Wonderful memories from last year were displayed on a big screen slideshow (thank you Historians!!) with great music to enjoy. All were greeted with happy, smiling faces and were treated like long time friends! It was wonderful! The best part was that we not only got to enjoy seeing reunions of previous members but we had the privilege and honor to meet and welcome several new ladies from the parish and school, who will be joining us on our journey into 2016!

Welcome Ladies!!!!

First, before we tell you about the meeting, we have to give credit where its due: the Executive Board and its helpers did an awesome job setting everything up for the open house - the parish hall looked beautiful. ... and the food was tasty and amazing! Wow! Great job ladies!!!

Kathleen Grenier, one of our Co-Presidents, opened the evening with a beautiful prayer and a warm introduction of our new Pastor, Father Henryk Pawelic, who told us a brief history of how he came to be with us at Saint Coleman Parish. Welcome Fr. Pawelic!! We also had the privilege to be visited by our other new priest, Father Gerald Morris, who had many kind words for our ladies!

Afterwards, we had a brief time for the members' prayer requests and then each of the officers and ministry chairpersons had a chance to explain their roles and ministries:

  • We learned about SCWC Socials, which thanks to Vernie, will be without a doubt, alot of fun for our ladies, giving them opportunities to grow in fellowship and friendship!

  • We learned about all the amazing and beautiful ministries of SCWC, which truly allow our women of faith to be women of action!

  • We learned about wonderful resources to help us grow collectively and individually in our faith; whether it be through use of our SCWC CD/DVD Library, attending awesome spirit building retreats, or expanding your faith through resources on our website, we have you covered!

  • To top off the evening, we enjoyed a wonderful presentation by one of our newest members on cardiac health. What a great first meeting!

  • Oh, and lets not forget all the wonderful tasty treats we enjoyed all during the meeting!

What an awesome first meeting!

Thank you SCWC for an amazing Open House and Kickoff Meeting for the 2015-2016 year!!!

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