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  1. Call or text your request with the disk number and title to the SCWC CD/DVD Library Chairperson at the phone number below.

  2. The SCWC CD/DVD Library Chairperson will verify you are a paid member and will contact you about arranging a pick up.

  3. Pick up the disk at a time and place agreeable to you and the SCWC CD/DVD Library Chairperson.


To Return a CD/DVD:

  1. Call or text the chairperson at the phone number below to let her know you are done with the CD/DVD.

  2. The SCWC CD/DVD Library Chairperson will contact you about arranging a pick up.



SCWC CD/DVD Library Chairperson:

Andrea Ward

Tel: 954-918-5523



Just a quick note from the webmaster:

All CD's are in numerical order except for this first grouping beginning with #11 due to a technical issue with the image metadata. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to resolve the issue.


 Click on the CD/DVD image to learn more about it. 

When you find a CD/DVD you want to borrow, note the CD # and title and

text or call the CD/DVD Chairperson with the information to make your request. 

It's that simple!


* Reminder:  access to the library is a benefit of SCWC membership.  

For more details about this program and how it works, click HERE.   

To view a printable list of the available CD/DVD's to aid in your selection, please click HERE


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