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Fr. Garcia

Upon hearing the news in the previous statement from Archbishop Wenski about Father Henryk, this without a doubt, is a very sad day in our Church. But as faithful children of God, we know that God can make amazing good out of bad things, so I invite you to have faith in Him that despite this news, we, the faithful of Saint Coleman's will be stronger and our parish will be even better in the days to come! Here is a photo of Father Garcia so you can recognize him and welcome him into our parish: Please keep Saint Coleman Parish in your prayers! Blessings, Cris Reeder 2018-2019 SCWC

Statement to the Faithful of St. Coleman from Archbishop Thomas Wenski

In case you were unable to attend mass this weekend or have heard that something happened at our church and are trying to find out what is going on, I would like to share this statement with you from Archbishop Wenski (issued during the 11:00 am mass on Sunday August 19, 2018) to the faithful of St. Coleman: Dear Parishioners of St. Coleman, Recently the Archdiocese of Miami received a report that parish funds had been diverted by your pastor, Father Henryk Pawelec for his personal benefit. The Archdiocese investigated and reviewed the parish’s financial records with the cooperation of parish staff to make a determination of how much money was purloined during the time of his tenure as pasto

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