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Pray "The Lady of All Nations" Prayer daily to help save our world!!

Dale learned about this prayer and wants to share it with everyone because it is so applicable today in our world, which is filled with so much turmoil. It is called "The Lady of All Nations" and was given to us by Our Lady in 56 apparitions where Our Lady appeared to a simple woman, Ida Peerdeman between 1945 and 1959 in Amsterdam. In the messages, Mary gradually reveals the plan with which God wants to save the world through the Mother. Thus, she gives the peoples and the nations an image and a prayer. THE LADY OF ALL NATIONS LORD JESUS CHRIST, SON OF THE FATHER, SEND NOW YOUR SPIRIT OVER THE EARTH. LET THE HOLY SPIRIT LIVE IN THE HEARTS OF ALL NATIONS, THAT THEY MAY BE PRESERVED FRO

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