The "Saint Coleman Blessing of the Animals" is a wonderful event in which our parish celebrates the October 4th Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, “Lover of All Creation” and Patron Saint of the Animals, by bringing our animals together for a special blessing. By doing this, we remind ourselves of the beauty of God's creation and our role in ensuring its care and proper use.


Our animals are truly blessed - literally - when you bring them to our animal blessing event, and for being fortunate enough to be well taken care of and loved as members in our homes!  We have seen many pets, mainly dogs and cats, but we have also seen birds, bunnies, hedgehogs, hamsters, lizards, turtles.... it's great!!!  


The ladies of the SCWC assist parish priests as they bless the animals of Saint Coleman’s in the grass area between the Parish Hall and the Junior High Building, near the statue of Saint Francis. We provide treats for cats and dogs, manage a water station for thirsty pets, help pass out St. Francis medals for the pets as they are blessed, and collect donations of gently used towels for the Humane Society. 


Notices of this event are usually made in the church bulletin and announcements are made on our website as October comes near.



The SCWC tries to build upon the "Blessing of Animals" by extending blessings to other animals that are waiting to be adopted by a loving family.  We are collecting used towels for shelters - these towels are used for many purposes... washing, drying, bedding, snuggling, wraps for babies....  


If you want to help, please bring any towels you have (that are in good condition) to any SCWC monthly general meeting....and we will get them to a shelter!


Additional pet resources:

  • Animal Aid, Inc. How You Can Help - a wonderful list compiled by a local no kill shelter to give you ideas on how you can help the animals.  

  • AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup - A microchip for your pet can mean the difference between lost and found. Although tags and collars are important, they can tear or slip off. With microchipping, a veterinarian injects a tiny computer chip—about the size of a grain of rice—just under your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades. The microchip number is entered into an international database, which can be read by a microchip scanner if your pet is lost and picked up by a veterinary hospital or humane society.  This is the universal lookup used by vets, shelters and animal care workers.

  • Home Again - Pet microchip registration service.  IMPORTANT: You need to be sure that your pet's microchip is registered... to YOU.*** Sometimes your vet registers the chip for you automatically as part of their microchipping procedure, but many times they don't. (Be sure to ask) If they do not register the chip, the only info that will show on a scan of the chip will be the manufacturer's name, which helps no one. It is essential to register the chip to your name so you can be connected with your pet.  There are a few different places to register your pet, but one of the best places is Home Again because it shows up on the AAHA site. (Some pet registrations do not) There is a fee of $17.99 to register your pet. Home Again will maintain your info in their database for life. When you look the chip number up on the AAHA site listed above, you will see Home Again, which has your contact info. If your pet is lost they will contact Home Again, and Home Again will contact you. Obviously if you move, you need to update the info; as long as your contact information is up-to-date, the hospital, animal control or humane society that finds your pet will be able to contact you and reunite you with your pet. Happy Day!!! 


Thank you and have a meowfully barkingly wonderful day!

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