The mission of the Saint Coleman Womens Council is to unite the women of Saint Coleman parish through the pursuit of spiritual growth, service to our parish and then to others, and social enrichment. We will embrace and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church in all that we do.

Our vision is to bring women together to share their faith, to grow spiritually and to unite in performing works of charity in our community and in the world.

Click HERE to view the most recent Amended Bylaws that were voted upon at the January 2016 General Meeting and received unanimous approval by all members in good standing who were in attendance. 


The Bylaws for the SCWC include the following sections: (I) Name; (II) Mission; (III) Spiritual Advisor; (IV) Membership and Dues; (V) Officers and Their Elections; (VI) Nominations and Elections; (VII) Officers; (VIII) Financial Reports and Reporting; (IX) Quorums; (X) Ministries; (XI) Financial Planning and Use of Council Funds; (XII) Amendments; and (XIII) Parliamentary Procedures.


           Sunset Versions:

           April 2012 Amended Bylaws

           January 2009 Original Bylaws


Who can be a member of the SCWC?
Membership is open to any woman interested in supporting the objectives of this organization. 

What are the benefits of membership?
Membership in such a vibrant organization has many benefits, including opportunities to:

  • Grow in love and understanding of our Catholic faith - in community with other Catholic Women.

  • Strengthen our Catholic identity and serve others as living witnesses of our faith - through outreach activities within our parish and in our local community.

  • Form new friendships through commitment to common goals and participation in social activities.

  • Ability to be considered to be an officer of the Board of SCWC.

Are there any Dues to be a member of the SCWC? 
Yes. Yearly membership dues are only $25.00. Dues are payable in September (or upon joining).  In order to be considered a "member in good standing", - eligible to vote in an election and/or run for office - dues must be paid by the date of the November general meeting.


What if I am not sure I want to become a member - can I still attend the meetings?

We welcome all the ladies of the parish to attend our first meeting in September as a free visitor if you are not sure about whether or not you want to join. There will be a $5 non-member fee for visitors beginning at the October meeting.

What are the membership dues for?
Membership dues shall fund all operating expenses of the Council and its ministries.  The dues  carry us thru the meetings, refreshments and speakers. They also help our various ministries such as underwriting rosary supplies for Hearts and Hands. They enable us to have Masses offered as needed. Paid members of SCWC have the opportunity to borrow titles from our very popular CD Catholic library and to vote in an election and/or run for office.

How do I become a Member of the SCWC?
It is easy to become a Member of the SCWC!  Just come to the monthly meeting at the Saint Coleman Parish Hall
and you will see a check in table where you can find the membership sign up forms.  Just fill in the form and pay your membership dues, and you're in!  Or, if you missed the most recent meeting, and want to become a Member right now, just fill out a Membership Form  and return it with a check in the amount of $25 (payable to "Saint Coleman Women's Council") to the following address:

Saint Coleman Women's Council Treasurer

c/o Saint Coleman Catholic Church

1200 South Federal Highway

Pompano Beach, FL 33062

When and Where are the General Meetings?
The Saint Coleman Women's
Council gathers monthly as a group on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. For a listing of this year's General Meeting dates, please click HERE.  Announcements for the meetings may also be found in the church bulletin. Our meetings take place in the Saint Coleman Parish Hall on the east side of the Church, begin at 7:00pm, and usually run about two hours to allow for interesting speakers and fun, service-oriented activities..

What kinds of ministries and activities do you offer?
We have several active Ministries and various activities that we conduct during the year for our members. Please see the Ministries/Activities tab to learn more.   Please contact our ministry and activity chairpersons with any questions you may have about their ministry/activity.

When and where do the Ministries meet?
Dates, times and locations of individual Ministry meetings (if applicable) will be announced by each Ministry Chairperson at the meetings and/or will be posted on the individual ministry page if practicable to do so. Ministry meetings may take place at participants' homes, at St. Coleman facilities, or at other locations in the community.

Does the SCWC have any Social activities?

Yes, we do!!!  We even have an Executive Board Member designated for Social activities because we realize how important it is for our ladies to have fun!!  For a general listing of this year's Social Events, please click HERE.  If you would like more information about the event, please see the event listing on our Calendar or contact the Social Officer(s) for details.


Does the SCWC do joint events with the Men's Club?

We support other St. Coleman Church Groups, like the Men's Club, and often assist them with their functions. All activities in which the SCWC are involved will be listed on the website calendar. Please click on individual Event names for more detailed information. 


Who picks the Board Members of SCWC?

The process is described in the Bylaws, however, in a nutshell, potential Board Members can be nominated by members or self nominated. These nominees are then presented to the membership during a monthly meeting. The entire membership votes on the nominees and those approved become the elected Board for the upcoming year.


I am interested in becoming a Board member. How can I find out what the Board positions entail?

Board positions are described in the Bylaws.  You can access the most current version of the Bylaws using the link above or you can view a post about this by clicking HERE.




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